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  Manufacturer of Spiral reinforced pvc suction hose,layflat hose, Clear Reinforced hose,flexible hose, PVC air hose etc..
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PVC Layflat Hose
Spiral Reinforced Hose
Steel Wire Suction Hose
Reinforced PVC Hose
PVC Garden Hose
Rubber Hose
Fire Hose
Clear PVC Hose
PVC Air Hose
Hydraulic Hose
Company Profile
  Sunhose Plastic & Rubber Company Ltd. is professional manufacturer and exporter of PVC and Rubber Hose.We provide solutions to individual problems by working closely with our customers.
By establishing and maintaining a leading market position, Sunhose will better be able to uphold our ever strong commitments to competitive prices, prompt service, and the highest quality of each and every Sunhose product...[More]

What's New? Provide PVC water hose ,PVC layflat hose,suction hose,fire hose,gardenhose,pvc braided hose,clear flexible pvc hose,rubber hose,pvc fire hose, pvc steel suction hose,pvc air hose,industrial hose,hydraulic hose and so on.

pvc layflat hose PVC Layflat Hose
used for water supply or discharge/
irrigation/ sprinkler irrigation...
spiral reinforced pvc suction hose PVC Screw Suction Hose
Suitable for suction water, slurry,
sewage, some solids...
steel wire reinforced pvc hose PVC Steel Suction Hose
To be used for discharging and conveying water, oil and powder...
Clear reinforced pvc hose PVC Braid Reinforced Hose
Widely applicable to conveyance
fluids (water, oil, acid, and lye)...
pvc garden hose Garden Hose
Being light, colorful, flexible and with
the excellent resistance...
rubber hoses Rubber Hose
include smooth surface rubber hose
and fabric rubber hose...
fire hose Fire Hose
apply high-strength synthetic fiber
( terylene or PP thread)...
clear pvc hose Clear Flexible PVC Hose
Light, soft, and transparent. It is used in the parts and components...
pvc air hose Air Hose
can be widely used for some pneu-
matic tools, pneumatic...
hydraulic hoses Hydraulic Hoses
used to transport hydraulic fluids such as hydrocarbo, mineral oils
If you have any questions about the suitability of a hose for a particular service, contact Sunhose, for a recommendation.
Products Range:pvc layflat hose | PVC suction hose | braided hose | garden Hoses | Flexible clear PVC hose |Steel suction Hose | rubber hose | fire hose|
air hose |Hydraulic Hose
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